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Small Basic Program List

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This page has a list of links that take you to Small Basic programs that run on your web browser (using Silverlight).

A word of warning, this is the open internet, be ==cautious== of where the link you click is going to take you. You should be going to a page that looks as follows: The six digit code after the question mark is the program number. If you're at all concerned that the links might not be accurate, go to the BLOGS listed at the bottom of this page, to trace back to the program you want to try. The older BLOGS, especially the archived items, should be "safe".

You can also go to the Small Basic Program Page and enter a program number manually. But, still be cautious, some small basic programs might be harmful, as anyone could change the program numbers and still take you off course.

Examples: Alarm Clock (program no (p/n) MDW647) Animated Balls 100 balls rush around the graphic window (ZLJ620) Collision Physics Animates Ball Collisions (PMT149) Hello World Text in graphic window grows in size (TTR427) Image Gallery (PPG822) Jetlag (RCB513) Target and Cross Hair (SCP707) Flickr Downloads a random Flickr photograph (LVB041) Sorting Algorithm Demo (SORTVIZ) Turtle Commands (VLF523)

Programs: LIFE Conway's Game of Life (cellular automation) (RVR167) LIFE-3D Life cellular automation in 3D (RRP679)

Games: 1942 Shooting Airplane Arcade Game, Use your mouse to move the plane and shoot bullets (ZZD394) Asteroids (ASTEROIDS) Crime Solver (DWK528) Gorillas (NLQ667-3) Gorillas Archive Minesweeper by Alex_2000 (DBM434) number guessing game (CJC272) Noof ball Collect the balls (like Worm) (KXW612) Picture Puzzle (LJH960) Rock-Paper-Scissors (CMJ212) Simon Says Repeat the flashing color pattern with your mouse (BHK073) Snake Bite Davey Wavey Nov 2009 (SNKBITE) Soko Ban (aka Sokocute) (SOKO) Soko Ban ver 2 ver 2 (SOKO-92) start with mouse in game window, program listing includes how to play and a short list of bugs. Space Invaders (XDK444) Archive description Stargates (STARGATES) Archive Description Super Pong (MDJ923) Description TicTacToe v0.5 (MRB572-1) Tower of Hanoi (HANOI) Tetris (TETRIS) Worm You are a snake that eats a worm (XKT407)

Many of the above programs were taken from the Microsoft Developer Network part 3 Source Code Blog Also see the Small Basic Tagged Content List. Here's the link to Small Basic Tagged Archive there's more code here.

Also see the sample program code wiki page.

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