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Welcome to Small Basic

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About Small Basic Small Basic is a project that's aimed at bringing "fun" back to programming. By providing a small and easy to learn programming language in a friendly and inviting development environment, Small Basic makes programming a breeze. Ideal for kids and adults alike, Small Basic helps beginners take the first step into the wonderful world of programming.

•The small Basic Language derives its inspiration from the original BASIC programming language, and is based on the Microsoft .Net platform. It is really small with just 15 keywords and uses minimal concepts to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible.

•The Small Basic development environment is simple, yet provides powerful modern environment features like Intellisense™ and instant context sensitive help.

•Small Basic allows third-party libraries to be plugged in with ease, making it possible for the community to extend the experience in fun and interesting ways.

More Resources

Here are some samples that illustrate the capabilities of Small Basic. Please feel free to add more to this list.

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.